3324---samantha----sigh- I was looking forward to this con but I guess it's not happening.---0 minutes ago------3325---Sakuranbo---If there is still no update and/or info by mid August then I would declare this con a dead con. I still have hope and I'm sure they are working on it. We all need a little patience and understanding.---0 minutes ago------3326---sam---Its not that I dont have patience, but I do know when something is dead or close to dying. Anyone who denys that av has gone downhill is kinda delusional---0 minutes ago------3327---Mis.Wicked---it could be their fallowing the trend most west coast cons are having. doing things in the winter instead of the summer/fall---0 minutes ago------3328---sam---They could at least say something. :/ maybe even make use of that facebook page more than once a year.---0 minutes ago------3329---Eiji Anthony---Still no news eh?---0 minutes ago------3330---Jennifer---last year they waited till august of september to say something so that might happen again really doesnt seem that rich is into the con anymore.---0 minutes ago------3331---Candace---Nothing yet? I really hope this con happens. A lot of good memories for me with this con.---0 minutes ago------3332---Rorschach---rest in peace---0 minutes ago------3333---sam---At least now we have otakon.---0 minutes ago------